The Elemental Mystery School

The Elemental Mystery School is a school of earth wisdom, re-packaged for modern times. Mystery schools have existed throughout history, and the lessons used to be passed down within communities in the form of oral teachings and apprenticeships. The basis of modern day mystery schools is still inner spiritual development that often leads to profound experiences in the participant’s life.

The Elemental Mystery School follows an earth-based path, with a focus on reconnecting to mother earth and the elementals. From that base, participants can choose to explore studies in the Elementals, Celtic earth healing, Faery Reiki or Faery Doctoring, Seership,  Herbal Treatments and Tinctures, Druidic Studies, Divination and/or Sound Healing. Our school is steeped in oral tradition, and while there are core components in the form of audio and text downloads, the courses are also flexible enough to be driven and morphed by the students themselves. We understand that everyone has their own path to follow, and that your prior studies and current learning objectives will shape how you experience the course, and will of course influence what things you will want to bring to the self-study modules. We wanted to create a learning environment that allowed for change over time, as the oral tradition would allow.

Our communities themselves have changed in the last 30 years, and we are currently living in exciting times when we can both lament the disappearance of the tight-knit community and apprenticeship model, while also revelling in the amazing abilities we now have to disseminate valuable lessons and discussions in our newly birthed global village. You will have the opportunity to connect with other people on the mystery school path, and to learn from their experiences as well.

While the bulk of the material is offered through distance learning, we also offer in-person sessions for those local to the GTA (Greater Toronto Area.)

Build your Practice

The certification of elemental reiki and the healing path that the mystery school provides allow you to bring unique experiences to your healing business. Many of our students are reiki practitioners, or come from other healing modalities and they are looking to deepen their practice.

Instructors course coming 2015!

At Home Experience

Easy to follow, experiential courses that can be taken at home, and then discussed with your tutor or other classmates online.

Self Growth

This course was designed to deepen your connection to the energies of the earth, and allow you to offer a more robust treatment system to your clients if you are already a reiki practitioner. It works beautifully with other forms of reiki or healing energy, and it draws from humanity’s robust archives of earth spirituality and wisdom.

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Elemental Mystery School Introductory Courses

Faery Reiki & Elemental

Faery reiki is ecstatic, loving and kind. While the material is very serious, faery reiki allows people to taste the wind of the mystery school and get a sense of the teaching style, while also becoming certified elemental reiki practitioners.

Celtic Healing
Level 2

Celtic Shamanism and the path of the faery doctor.
We take a deeper look at vibrational energies, elemental source and the role of the energy practitioner. Upon completion of this course you will be certified as a Level 2 Elemental Reiki Practitioner.

Prerequisite: Faery Reiki Level 1

Healer’s Apothecary

Take your healing practice to a new level and create herbal mixtures for your clients.
We look at basic herbal tinctures, preparing creams and salves, and personalizing formulas.
We follow the Celtic Shaman path and bring it to life in a bubble bubble toil and love kind of way.
Kitchen witchery and healing teas for the modern day healer!

Prerequisite: Faery Reiki Level 1

Chrystine, I want to thank you for this journey! Amazing is the only way I can describe it. Thanks, magickal babe! You rocked it!

Mellie Luna

It's easy to see why people speak so highly of this course. The material is delightful, easy to understand and the hands-on exercises make the course highly useful and practical.

Raven Watersmith, Energyworker

I loved the weekly meditations and the videos. I am excited to take Level 2! I am already using some of exercises with my regular reiki clients with great results. Thank you so much.

Alyssa G.

Seeing Is Believing

When we set out to create the online course material I was worried that it wouldn’t come close to an in-class experience. With technology as it is today- we were able to create a course that parallels an in-class experience.

The feedback has been wonderful so far, and people seem to really enjoy the downloadable meditations and audio components. I feel blessed to be able to share this with the world. Thank you so much for being a art of my dream!

– Chrystine

Brick and Mortar School

Our original dream was to turn the Elemental Mystery School into a physical brick and mortar school. After looking at spaces and curriculum, we learned that a more appropriate setting was in-person workshops backed up by self study.

The Mystery School path is one of dedication, and it cannot be learned in a classroom or in a book. It has to be experienced.
The home-study allows for meditation in your home, safe and quiet reflection as well as online materials.

The face-to-face sessions as workshops are a way to strengthen the learnings and interact with like-minded community members. The downloadable course materials are everything that you need to begin practicing though, and integrating the courses into your life in a way that very much befits the 21st century.

Earth spirit, why not live an extraordinary life?