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We press monthly information about faery reiki, energy healing, celtic shamanism, and wee magical things under the moon.

The Faery ReiKi Story

Faery Reiki has been passed on to different people in different ways. Like most things energetic, there are different branches and origins, but the underlying systems are similar. The most well known and shared Faery Reiki origin story comes from Violet Paille.  She was gifted faery reiki while being attuned to Celtic reiki, and received her information from Avalon.

There is another commonly known lineage called Fairy Realms reiki, passed down by Keith Zang.  The energies are quite different, and the reiki is used in different ways. Keith’s lineage is for plants and animals only, and Violet’s can be used for all living things including humans.

Reiki from the fairy folk has been called other things in the past. Faery doctoring, fae healing, celtic reiki… it is deliciously spiritual and experiential.

Faery ReiKi & EleMental HeaLiNg

This unique Faery Reiki is rooted in the tradition of healing with the elementals, and the underlying current of “pith” or energy that runs through the veins, cells and molecules of all living things. {Pith / Qi / Life force / Energy }
The four directions give us the 4 elements (water, fire, wind and earth) and this Elemental Healing Reiki style delves into the journey of working with the elementals through practice, meditation, and experience. Faery Elemental Reiki is a wonderful healing modality that is both a journey for the participant as well as a practical set of tools for the healer.

Fairy healing is a combination of faery doctoring, celtic reiki, usui reiki, energy work and tuning into the elemental energies around us.

Fairy healing is a fresh path of pine, moss and rock.

I want you to get your hands dirty (or mossy!) and experience portions of the course while in nature, as opposed to in a concrete classroom. I also hope that you will bring your own creative flair to the this path, since any path you walk on is your own. It blends beautifully with any spiritual practices that you already have, and is as flexible as the wind when it comes to how you choose to work with this energy.

At the end of the day when the sun goes down, it’s your faith and your path that will mold your experience, and so the faery and elemental healing path is one that is meant to be learned, integrated, blended and worked with in the way that feels best to you.

I would be honoured to share the knowledge I have, as we all walk and learn together through this enchanted grove of life.

You can connect with nature and the elements
in the most wonderful ways!