How does Reiki Work?

Without having experienced a reiki session or other energywork, it can be difficult to grasp the concept of unseen energies that course through the body. This energy (Ki, or Ch’i) underpins most Eastern healing modalities and is the key to wellness in acupuncture,  yoga and ayurvedic medicine. Reiki falls into the same type of healing and balancing as other eastern methods, and it is through the balancing of energies in the body that we find health.

There is a mind-body-soul connection that is important in eastern medicine that we tend to overlook in western thinking. Many times, when people are depressed or sad, there are physical symptoms that manifest as a result of the negative energy or negative thought patterns that they find themselves in.

We are finally finding scientific ‘proof’ that mental-emotional health affects our physical health in the west! (Fibromyalgia, as an example, has recently been connected to depression.)

So- what does that mean for reiki and how energy healing happens, and how does reiki work?

When we get down to the teeniest of teeny-tiny levels, everything is made of energy. Cells and DNA and viruses… when you get small enough they are all just a buzzing swarm of energy. Sometimes, these energies get stuck, or blocked, and when that happens the blocked energy can cause dis-ease.

The body’s natural state is one of health and balance, and reiki activates the natural healing process in the body.

These blockages often happen long before the physical manifestation of a disease! There are energy workers who can feel your imbalances, and who can work towards balancing and smoothing out your energy before it gets too deeply rooted and lodged in your system. The energy can move from the source of reiki energy, or positive energy, to the practitioner and then to the patient. Sound incredible? It should! It is!

Many things can cause blocked Ki. Sadness, fear, stress, poor lifestyle, mental or emotional problems in our life… they can all cause the body’s energy to get out of balance.

Reiki is a simple method of working with the nuances of your energy field in order to help guide your body towards its natural state of balance. We can effectively avoid problems in the future by dealing with the stuck energy today.