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Fairy reiki certification

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FaiRy Reiki CertificAtion

Fairy Reiki Certification is your first step into this Elemental Healing Reiki world. This 21 day course is experiential, whimsical and meant to introduce you to the tools you need to navigate this path.

7 is an important number in fairy medicine, and 3 is important for creativity and happiness – so this course is three weeks x 7 days.

Come experience the elemental healing energies that are around you! Work with your healing hands,your intuition, and  your fairy guides to enrich your experience of the fae and energy healing.  Read More

celtic reiki sacred trees calendar

Celtic Tree Calendar

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The Celtic Tree Calendar


The Celtic calendar feels so right to me.

A calendar year that follows the waxing and waning of the moon?
It’s a yes for me.  A giant yes. It sits well with the base of my soul.

This lunar calendar is split into the 13 months that mirror the 13 moons that we see every year. The druids linked each month to a sacred tree, and out of this system came correspondences not only to sacred trees, but also to the ogham alphabet, power animals, and significant times of the year to do specific types of work. Read More

Earth, Fire, Water and Air

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The 4 elements.  4 things necessary to support life.

We live on a planet where the perfect balance of fire, earth, water and air create life. And not only do they sustain life, but they mix and mingle and procreate,  giving us a breathtaking diversity of landscapes, creatures and climates.

The planet we live on is mostly water.
A whopping 71% of earth’s surface sloshes around with h2O, and our bodies are 65% water.

The sun beats down and feeds the plants, which in turn feed us.
And the molten core of the earth spins it’s blazing iron ore fire, and generates our magnetosphere – protecting us from solar radiation. Fire protecting us from fire.

The air fills our lungs with oxygen, and carries life force to our bloodstream so that it can nourish our cells.

The earth provides minerals, vitamins, food, shelter and supports the life that is born upon it’s soil.