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The Celtic Tree Calendar


The Celtic calendar feels so right to me.

A calendar year that follows the waxing and waning of the moon?
It’s a yes for me.  A giant yes. It sits well with the base of my soul.

This lunar calendar is split into the 13 months that mirror the 13 moons that we see every year. The druids linked each month to a sacred tree, and out of this system came correspondences not only to sacred trees, but also to the ogham alphabet, power animals, and significant times of the year to do specific types of work.

There are a few different versions of the calendar, but all of them are very similar. Most modern day druids use this calendar, which has been altered over time to fit within our solar year calendar. (It now lines up with out 365 day year, so to speak, instead of changing each and every year with the lunar cycle. If the celtic tree calendar followed the moon cycles perfectly, the dates of the months would shift a little out of whack each year.)

Modifying it to line up with our solar calendar allows us to keep the overall “year” the same, while still following the 13 moons.

The celtic calendar is wonderfully magical, and offers so many gateways to further studies.

If you want to learn about celtic mysticism or druidry, I would suggest putting a big fat star beside the calendar as a reminder to come back and play with the trees a little. They offer wonderful advice, and are rife with teachings: From the wheel of the year and the mythology associated with the months, to the sacred trees and plants – you can springboard from its teachings to natural healing, sidhe correspondences, aromatherapy, the ogham, nature divination… the list is endless.

Root down, let your wings out ;) and enjoy your path of 13 moons and tree spirits!

Tree Month Celtic Name (Pronunciation) Time For Tree & Month Associated with
Birch Moon: December – January 20 “Beth” (beh) Time for Rebirth and Regeneration Creativity Fertilty Healing Protection
Rowan Moon: January 21 – February 17 “Luis” (loush) Initiations Imbolc Celebration, Feb 1st Goddess Brighid Protection for families Protection for mothers Astral travel Personal Power Success
Ash Moon: February 18 – March 17 “Nion” (knee-un) Work focused on the inner self Prophetic Dreams Spiritual Journeys Ocean Rituals Magical Potency (Ash wood) Protection (Ash berries)
Alder Moon: March 18 – April 14 “Fearn” (fairin) Making spiritual decisions Getting in touch with intuition/ abilities Spring Equinox Celebration (Ostara) Intuitive process Decision making Bridging heaven and earth Music
Willow Moon: April 15 – May 12   “Saille” (sahl-yeh) Work focused on health Learning Beltane Celebration (May 1) Healing (willow wood) Protection (Willow wood) Growth
Hawthorn Moon: May 13 – June 9 “Huath” (hoh-uh) Conceiving Masculine Power Business Decisions Professional Connections Fertility Masculine Energy Fire Realm of fae (tree)
Oak Moon: June 10 – July 7 “Duir” Work focused on protection + strength, fertility, money + success, and good fortune Power Strength The Oak King
Holly Moon: July 8 – August 4 “Tinne” (chihnn-uh) Good month for protective magic, to reflect on immortality Lughnasadh Celebration, Aug 1 Masculine Energy
Hazel Moon: August 5- September 1  “Coll” Gathering wisdom, knowledge Dowsing Divination Dream Journeys Wisdom Protection Sacred Knowledge Magical Springs
Vine Moon: September 2 – September 29 “Muin” Garden Magic Good time for balancing (equal night and day) Fall Equinox/Mabon  Celebration (between Sept 21 and 23) Happiness and Joy Wrath and Rage (Extremes of Passionate Emotion) Crone Goddess
Ivy Moon: September 30 – October 27 “Huath” (go-ert) Ending of harvest season Preparing for Samhain Banishing negativity from life Binding lovers together Healing Protection Cooperation Cycle of life and death
Reed Moon: October 28 – November 23 “Negetal”(nyettle) Divination and Scrying Energy Work Connecting with spirit guides Meditation Samhain Celebration (Oct 31) Dead and Underworld Cycle of Life and Rebirth (Sometimes called Elm moon)
Elder Moon: November 24 – December 23 “Ruish” (roo-esh) Work focused on creativity and renewal Winter Solstice Celebration (Dec 21) Beginnings and Endings Creativity Renewal Rejuvenation Pretection against negative (Elder wood)

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